Did You Know 37% of Diabetics Will Suffer Chronic Kidney Failure - The # 1 Leading Cause of Dialysis!

& did you know that Chronic Illnesses such as Kidney Disease can be drastically minimized and even reversed

A chronic illness such as Kidney Disease, does not have to be your life sentence!

that’s right, and here’s why. .

. . most routine check-ups by Primary Doctors still use the same old 1 size fits all model for treating & medicating these underlying conditions.

This can lead to inaccurate diagnoses & treatments which can worsen your underlying conditions & ultimately lead down the slippery path towards dialysis, from which there is no turning back!


But it doesn’t have to be this way. .

. . you see, over the last 10 years through clinical research and the testing of new drugs, our doctors at the Forever Care Wellness, have been able to improve, drastically reduce or even reverse End of Stage Renal Disease & Chronic Kidney Disease through a combination of:

  • Proper & Effective Monitoring
  • Switching or even eliminating some medications through Modern Pharmacogenetic testing (improving medication choices through genetic makeup analysis)
  • series of improved Lifestyle practices combined with specific diet regimens

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Chronic Care Management & Remote Patient Monitoring Programs:

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The best part, you are automatically eligible by both Medicare & Medicaid, if you meet the following 2 conditions,

It takes only 5 minutes to find out if you are eligible: 


Our Programs Offer Everything Below &
So Much More

Our Mission:

To challenge out-dated methods of treatment and diagnosis for Chronic Diabeteic Illnesses by getting to the root of the problem instead of just pumping people with insulin and medications.  

We found that many of these conditions could easily have been prevented had there been a proper monitoring system with nutritional regimens in place all along!

The best time to check if your condition can be minimized or even reversed is today,
find out before it can be too late! 


Absolutely not, think of us as an extension of you Primary Care Physician, we work hand in hand with your Primary Doctor

This program lasts as long as your insurance provider (medicare, medicaid or private insurance covers the expenses).  Or as long as you choose pay and stay in case you do not have coverage.

If you have Medicaid and/or Medicare, than there are no out-of-pocket costs (sometimes there will be a co-pay) depending on your Provider.   

As long as you are eligible under the Medicare, Medicaid or Private insurers eligibility requirements & policies than there is no need to change any insurers.

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